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Spring of the East with eyes full of spring, the spring breeze of reform and opening up the Chinese mainland, but also blew into my heart, inspired me to embark on the path of entrepreneurship, set up small workshops for the production of valves. After 30 years of arduous entrepreneurial innovation and 30 years of trials and hardships, the sweat, youth and painstaking efforts have proved the iron rule of reward for Heaven. Now the company has more than 100 million yuan of assets, the entire team gathered all the talent, intelligent manufacturing of the modernization of the assembly line, the implementation of 6 S management model in the 26,000 square meters of factory operations in science, to create the best quality products sold to the world. Consciously assume the service to the country, serving the community and serving each consumer's responsibility, so that each product to the user only bring warmth and ease.
In the past, the success of founding an industrial company has benefited from the spring breeze of reform and opening up, the peaceful and prosperous harmonious society and the pioneering and innovative pioneering spirit of the masses. It stems from the concept of " Since the unswervingly follow the road of science and technology innovation and brand building strategy unchanged; from integrity-based, the spirit of the pursuit of excellence; stems from insisting on repaying society and caring staff to set up factories guidelines.
In the plumbing valve industry stick to thirty years, focusing on a product, focus on a brand, the dedication has been deep into my bone marrow, into my blood, into my soul, I will be with the valve life, stick to professional ethics. Quality is the soul of the enterprise, CCTV "quality" strong file broadcast, is our approval and encouragement, but also spur, so we must continue to carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, to ensure the most stringent quality product testing, does not allow the slightest mistake, Do not allow any flaws, unqualified products will not be factory.
Advance with the times, timeless. We are looking forward to the stars for the dream and to let go of dreams and create a down-to-earth approach is to forge ahead with the development of green valves to create a higher quality products, showing a more intimate service, sustainable innovation, customer satisfaction! This is the commercial collection, the golden rule. Looking ahead, we are full of boundless business opportunities and hope. Therefore, I sincerely welcome my colleagues in the industry to join the team of Su Ming and become a member of the fluid control intelligent manufacturing enterprise. I firmly believe that Su Ming is a stage of learning and experience, so that everyone grows and matures together, round our common dream; I firmly believe that the cooperation and development with Su Ming platform, hand in hand toward mutually beneficial win-win and success, The two sides self-worth; in the cooperation process as long as the full display of skills, talent and youth, sweat and hard work will have a good return; every day with Su Ming cooperation will be your life's most memorable and unforgettable memories. We look forward to with you stormy, with similar treatment, sharing the fruits of enterprise development and joy together to create a more bright tomorrow!
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