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Product Quality Commitment

My company spirit of "sustainable innovation, customer satisfaction," the service concept, adhering to the "quality products, reasonable prices, good service" principle, solemn promise to the user:
一、 The company guarantees that the products manufactured by the factory are produced and inspected according to the needs of the users. The products will be shipped according to the relevant national standards. The unqualified products will not be shipped out of the factory. The products are distributed with the inspection certificate and instruction manual to ensure that the users can install and use them correctly.
二、The user of the company's product quality and quality objections, including the user can confirm the product itself is indeed a design, materials and production defects, the Company will promptly make comments, and will be responsible for free product recall defects, replacement or order price refund paragraph.
三、In any case, the Company does not bear the service, materials, equipment, engineering or other related joint costs incurred as a result of repair or replacement of defective products. The quality of the company's products by the Chinese People's Insurance Company.
四、Product quality commitment to explain the power belongs to the company.
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