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Wanda Group leaders went to visit Su Ming

At 4 o'clock on the afternoon of October 11th, Wanda Group, Yang and his party to our study. This visit to Su Ming company is mainly on the company's products, qualifications, quality and other aspects of the field review, the chairman of the company is warm reception of them.

During the inspection, the leaders of Wanda Group visited the production site accompanied by the chairman of the company, and learned the production status of each workshop one by one, including the whole process of valve casting, forging, Seiko, assembly and finished products. During the period, they asked questions about new product development, innovation and so on. We answered them in detail, and Yang always nodded his approval.

    Then, under the leadership of chairman, together everybody discussion to the company meeting room on the third floor, Wanda Group Officer Yang Zongxian introduced their related process of supplier management and evaluation, followed by the Su Ming Company Secretary of the company development history, current development situation, technology characteristic and market network and customer service service other related content, this also let Wanda Group rub test of our personnel have a more in-depth understanding, and the valve production capacity and quality of Su Ming company to control fully affirmed. Finally, after visiting the exhibition hall of the company, the inspectors and the chairman will take a picture together.

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