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Su Ming heart all the way colleagues

    October autumn, autumn garden, an osmanthus tree against the autumn wind sends out the fragrance gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind being refreshed. The foliage in tiny spots showing their golden petals of a flower, like a tree full of stars, a trace of clusters is very moving against the green leaves, the Zhejiang Su Ming Valve Co. the entire plant and filled with sweet scented osmanthus fragrance.

    Sweet scented osmanthus fragrance with the wind, breeze, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind, each workshop fragrant, busy employees in the operation of the machine, the mouth with a smile, this season, the environment, work has become a pleasant thing.

    With the company's products continue to enhance the internationalization of the domestic market, in the maintenance and development of development, expand the market, but also by virtue of our "ride" in the valve market decades of accumulated experience, more and more customers favor Su Ming's products, many new customers began to accept and trust of our valves Su Ming, always believe that only to come up with a really good product, let the customer letter of the product, can let us in an invincible position in the industry.

    To win the market, with a copy of your territory in this market, and the Su Ming company has a strong R & D capability is inseparable, each quarter the company will have several new products released, can rapid development according to market and customer requirements, develop whether from the appearance or function from all that and in this competitive "big stage" of the products, this is a test of response capabilities, is a consideration of our research and development capabilities, is a textual research on the strength of Su Ming, Su Ming products never stop in replacement of the road, this is the customer delight.

     If we want to survive in the constantly discerning market and keep the trust of customers better, the control of product quality is the first priority, of course, it is the source and foundation of enterprise development. Company on product quality control is very strict, we control the copper material from the source to the Huang Tongyuan material upgrade from Hpb58-2 to Hpb59-1, the introduction of advanced spectrometer can clear analysis of the chemical composition of various copper; and from forging, Seiko, assembly to every aspect of the product strictly, the company has a complete set of advanced testing instruments, such as bending, tensile and torsion resistance of each link can be fine detection, to achieve excellence, the pursuit of excellence, not only fine, defective! We firmly believe that only quality can be given to people.

   Looking out of the window of the osmanthus tree, although it is not tall, but also with luxuriant foliage, Kingston as cover, as we like, although not what multinational enterprises, but we have been trying to achieve exquisite products, has been committed to the product as to create artwork.

    The breeze, the fragrance gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind faint, sweet still.......

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