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Su Ming heart all the way colleagues

Old monkey Rooster Chengxiang, hannaford! In January 18, 2017, the annual meeting of Zhejiang suing Valve Co., Ltd. was held on the two floor of the company and was successfully held. The theme of this year's annual meeting is "going all the way along the way of Su Ming" as a theme of the annual meeting. It means that the company and its staff will grow together, unite and cooperate together, and make progress together in the year of chicken.
Figure 2017 New Spring Festival staff photo

On the evening of January 18, 2017, the two - floor dining hall of the company was brightly lit, and the happy atmosphere was overflowing through the elaborate arrangement of the meeting. The company specially issued a red scarf for everyone who arrived, hoping that in 2017, everyone would be in a red and red fire. With the sound of a host wishes for the whole year will be kicked off, followed by Mr. Lin Shuyou Su Ming company managers speech, focuses on the analysis of the development status of the company this year, illustrates the achievements and shortcomings, but also looking forward to next year's development, and to express gratitude. The stick on the job staff finally filled up a glass, a toast to all employees, bustling scene, we enthusiasm!

The picture is the leader's speech and the staff performance

This year will be interspersed with wonderful raffle, employee performance and game activities, the first prize can get apple 6S mobile phone, as well as senior duvet and many other prizes, the long awaited, interest, looking forward to the award to "hit" to yourself, to the lucky home. During the annual meeting, the game links were interspersed, bringing the atmosphere to the top. From the game, we saw the spirit of our employees' persistence, solidarity and no defeat, which is also a precious significance. With the birth of the apple 6S mobile phone "award winner, will also slowly approaching the end, no matter has given gifts, every face is still filled with a cheerful smile, my heart was flattered. Some employees reluctant to part, stop the wine singing, laughing, a enjoyable scene.

The picture is the lively scene of the annual meeting

Once a year, this is the company's traditional Su Ming, this is a year of hard work to reward employees for everyone; is a caring and reward; work for all staff certainly. The heart is Su Ming, all the way, together, 2017 people struggle together, create brilliance again!

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