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Su Ming valve won the top ten valves third place

Zhejiang Su Ming valve limited company to participate in the "China plumbing valve said" this platform "organized by the users in 2017 ten plumbing valves selection" won the second runner up, gratifying, with everyone on the Su Ming Company as in the past support are inseparable.

      In order to create a better product quality, in recent years, enterprises have invested heavily in hardware, the introduction of advanced production water plane, automatic assembly machines and other equipment, make the product look more attractive, and can achieve higher accuracy, is also gradually moving towards "machine substitution" era. The most advanced valve testing equipment has been introduced, and has been put into full use. It can avoid many quality problems that may occur in the process of using, which is also a strong guarantee for product quality. In the period of nearly a year, we have won the Zhejiang Province health and safety of drinking water product license, Chinese special equipment manufacturing license, high-tech enterprises in Taizhou City, municipal research center and other honors. In 2016 the company aired on CCTV boot and strong, through the powerful media, our company wide public awareness and recognition, either a colleague or concern of the majority of our customers and dealers, have received unanimous praise, that our company has been approved in the CCTV media on the road to development, its quality cast the eternal theme will inspire us to do the product quality, and strive to Su Ming brand awareness to a higher level.

      The rapid development of enterprises to today, and become the leader of well-known enterprises and industries, from the company always uphold the quality Liye, quality first concept firmly; from adhering to the innovation of science and technology and the road of brand strategy unchanged; from forging ahead and in good faith, the spirit of excellence, from always firmly adhere to the National Thanksgiving return and the rule of social care staff and set up factories.

     Thank you for the support from the dealers nationwide. Thank you for your recognition of Su Ming company. Thank you for your recognition of your brand and your valuable vote. We will work harder, and we will create a more brilliant tomorrow hand in hand.

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