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Su Ming valve into the Nanan valve exhibition

Once a year the Nanan valve exhibition held at the beginning of the month Yu Zheng three to fifth in Nanan International Convention and Exhibition Center, Su Ming Company as the representative of Yuhuan valve enterprises to participate in the exhibition, and achieved very good results, with fruitful.
In this exhibition, Su Ming with its long history of the brand image to attract many visitors to the eye and vision, "" company aired on CCTV in September 14, 2016 after the strong column quality, more and more people awareness of the Su Ming, icing on the cake. At the same time during the exhibition, we interviewed rolling and recording footage broadcast "quality" 15 minutes through the TV screen, the more the image to introduce customers to the product Su Ming and production base, many visitors stop to watch, the effect is remarkable, but also deepen the trust of visitors on the Su Ming products. The exhibition scene is bustling, there have been visitors to ask the price, performance, and showed great cooperation, especially for new products highly. Su Ming valve in this exhibition showcases the Su Ming brand three series of products "Su Ming valve", "Su Ming warm", "Su Ming pipe", variety, exquisite appearance, attracted many visitors praise, but also to foreign visitors showed Chinese valve technology and quality.

At the exhibition site, Su Ming's professional explanation and warm reception and service of the valve technicians not only enhanced their brand image, but also deepened the impression and trust of the visitors on Su Ming brand.
Through the communication and communication with many visitors at the exhibition site, Su Ming also learned a lot, learned more market information and customer needs, and pointed out a good direction for the development of new products in the future. We firmly believe that we can provide better products and services for our customers.
2017, let's take off together!

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