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National Day Mid-Autumn Festival Su Ming

       Celebrate the national day to meet the Mid Autumn Festival, the rejuvenation of the rejuvenation of the nation, the circle of people reunion. National Day is the day of celebration of the whole country, the mid autumn festival represents a round and round, Chinese people have a holiday complex. The sky bright, full moon human emotions, which is a special phenomenon formed a unique Chinese tuanyuanjie, Chinese has always been the family, relatives and friends together, sharing the happiness of a family union was precious, the moon is coming, but in this special day, the company in a lot of new people in Yuhuan but not with the family reunion, in order to for the staff was a little regret, dilute that a nostalgia, Su Ming company specially for all staff to prepare a sumptuous dinner, so that employees can feel warm and happy atmosphere of the family Su Ming in this special day. 

       The evening of September 30th, Su Ming company canteen two floor lights, filled with a cheerful atmosphere, the staff carefully and freshen up, uniform wear overalls, one after another came to the Mid Autumn Festival Party scene. Time is ticking to 18 o'clock, Su Ming company HR department Ye Lian presided over and brought to the Mid Autumn Festival blessing to everyone, then by the chairman of the company Mr. Su Jin Law, he affirmed the staff this year's hard work and achievements, and expectations for all future work put forward, hope everybody can solidarity, mutual help and common progress in the work, and finally to the employees and their families to bring the most sincere greetings, the speech did not fall, thunderous applause echoed throughout the hall. Then all the staff stood up and toasted the chairman and the boss. I wish Su Ming's performance will grow steadily and flourish, and tomorrow's tomorrow will be more brilliant. 

       During the meal, Mr. Su Jin FA, chairman of Su Ming company, presented a toast to every table employee, thanked all staff for their hard work for Su Ming company, and hoped everyone could have a bright future in Su Ming's work. The National Day Mid Autumn Festival evening party in a happy laughter slowly approaching the end, but this warm and peaceful breath still ripples in every employee's heart!

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